3 Of The Most Important Reasons To Remove The Snow From Your Roof In A Timely Manner

Snow removal Bend, Medford, EurekaWith the recent blast of frigid winter weather that most part of the country received as we rang in the new year, many of us likely saw a sharp increase in the usual amount of ice and snow around our homes, and while that might mean a bit more trouble in the mornings as you attempt to shovel a clear path to your car, it is important to make sure that you aren't forgetting about how much of that additional snow and ice like found its way up onto your roof. While we are no strangers to cold winters up here in the Bend area, this one has been one to remember, and if you are like many homeowners here in the local area, you have likely looked up at some point this winter and were shocked to see just how high the snow on your roof had gotten. Keeping that snow from piling up too high on your roof is extremely important during the winter months, and even more so during particularly cold winters like the one we are experiencing now. To help highlight just why snow removal is such an important task to stay on top of during the winter months, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting some of the risks entailed in letting the snow get too deep on your roof.

Weighing Down

The average load that a roof is designed to bear comes in at about 20 pounds per square foot, and to put that in perspective, the average weight of about 10 to 12 inches of fresh snowfall on your roof can come in at about 5 pounds per square foot, before it has melted down and become compacted. With that in mind, it becomes easy to imagine just how easy it is for your roof to quickly start approaching its maximum weight load limit as you spend time bundled up inside waiting for a better day to get the job done. While it is true that some snow will naturally slide off of your roof, some of that snow is going to get compacted down, and when that happens, it can sometimes approach weights of between five pounds per 3 to 5 inches, and that can start to spell serious trouble for your roof. Taking the time to remove this snow buildup from your roof every so often, or to have a professional do so for you, is extremely important to keeping your roof intact during the winter months.

Water Logged

Any snow that is left on your roof is only going to get denser and denser as it is compounded with sleet, rain, ice, and further snowfall as we get further into winter, and it is important to keep in mind that not only can this snow present a weight issue for your roof, it can also present a moisture problem. As the snow and ice pile up on your roof during the winter, the bottom layers of that pile are going to melt over time as a result of the heat coming up from the other parts of your home, and if this water then finds its way to your gutters and freezes again, any excess water is going to be stuck pooling on your roof with nowhere to go but under your shingles. Anytime moisture is able to find its way inside your home, it can be an enormous problem, and you might not even notice until the damage is done.

Be Prepared

Ideally, you should be giving your roof a thorough clearing, or having a professional do so with some degree of regularity this winter, but in the times between your detailed removals, you can minimize the danger to your roof just by making the investment in a fairly low-cost roof rake. A roof rake can help you safely remove most of the fresh snowfall from your roof from the safety of the ground, and can cut down on the risk of ice dams forming in your gutters as well. This can be particularly useful on any garages or sheds around your home that might not have a well-sloped roof to begin with. Call McMurray and Sons, Inc. for more information on Snow Removal Services today!

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