Signs that You Need to Replace your Eureka Roof

The roof of your Eureka home or business is vitally important. It provides your property with protection against inclement weather. Unfortunately, because it is constantly exposed to elemental forces like wind, rain, snow, and temperature changes, your roof will inevitably need to be repaired. At some point, roof repair will give way for the need to replace the entire system.

The best way to handle routine roof deterioration and to know when it is time to conduct a roof replacement is to develop a relationship with a professionally licensed roofing contract. In Eureka, the most highly skilled and experienced roofing contractors are at McMurray and Sons, Inc. Their family has been in the roofing industry since 1919. As such, they have the ability to assist you with all your roof repair and replacement needs. Their roofing experts have provided the following quick guide to help you know when it may be time to conduct a roof replacement.

The Age of Your Roof Is the First Consideration

If you are torn between conducting roof repairs or a roof replacement, the first thing that you should consider is the age of your Eureka roof. Most experts agree that a traditional asphalt shingle roof lasts anywhere between 20 and 25 years. Depending on how many repairs have been conducted and how many layers of shingles are present, this time frame can vary. But if you need to conduct repairs and your roof is over 25 years old, it may be time to conduct a roof replacement.

Shingles Curling and Buckling

One of the major indicators that your roofing system needs to be replaced is shingle curling or buckling. If you notice that your shingles are curling or that they have lost many of their granules, the shingles have likely exceeded their life expectancy. The roofing contractors at McMurray and Sons, Inc., can assess whether your roof can be repaired or if it would be more cost effective to replace your roof.

Roof Valleys

One of the most important portions of your roof are the roof valleys, the areas where the roof of your Eureka home meets at an angle. In order to provide the protection your property needs, this area must effectively funnel rain and snow from the surface of your roof to your gutters. If the roof valleys are missing shingles or if there is noticeable deterioration in these areas, you may need to conduct a roof replacement.

Chimney Flashing, Missing Shingles, Granule Accumulation

Other common signs that you may need to conduct a roof replacement include chimney flashing, missing shingles, and granule accumulation in the gutters. By themselves, these issues may be addressed by routine roof repairs; however, if one or two of these problems have manifested at the same time, it is likely that your current roof has reached the end of its service life.

Again, the best way to know whether you need to conduct a roof replacement or repair project is to hire the professionals at McMurray and Sons, Inc., to inspect your roof. With their help, you can feel confident that your roofing repair needs are conducted in the best possible fashion and know that your Eureka home or business is properly protected.

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