Why Reflective Waterproof Roof Coatings In Bend and Eureka So Important

Karnak Reflective Coating Bend, Medford, EurekaOregan homes and commercial buildings are exposed to a lot of moisture, salt, and sand scouring. While you may not notice it much since it's an everyday thing, the roof tops are constantly hammered by the weather throughout most of the months in a year.

In this area of the country, heavy snow can build up and weigh down a roof. As it turns into ice and starts melting away, the roof is scoured by the shifting ice. This constant exposure to the elements of nature damages the roofing materials. But weather alone isn't the only thing working to destroy roofs. At times there are impacts from falling trees or a lot of leaf debris accumulating.

The reflective waterproofing coating does a good job at blocking ultra violet radiation rather than reflecting it. The roof coating protects against this damaging UV radiation. To combat all the damages from the natural elements, a reflective waterproofing coating can be applied as roof protection. Waterproof roof coatings not only help to moisture proof your home, they can also reflect the sunlight and help with energy savings.

Protective Waterproofing Coating For Residential & Commercial Roofs

Protective waterproofing coatings for homes, offices and commercial buildings are vital. There are two reasons you'll want to use roof coatings on your roof.

First, protecting the roof will see to it that your roof shingles last. Instead of replacing your roof, you'll be able to spend those hard earned dollars on something else. And second, they help with the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building.

Roof coatings can be applied to nearly any type of roof structure including flat roofs. This product helps to prevent leaks from pooling water problems, which is very common for flat roof structures.

Diminishes Roof Maintenance

Once a roof coating is applied, maintenance and cleaning are important but you'll have surfaces that resist stains and the growth of microorganisms like algae, and impacts. Shingles won't have problems from sun UV ray damages like cracking or becoming brittle.

A reflective white coating is put on roofs in Bend and Eureka because we live in such arid Pacific coast areas. Constant humidity, moisture, snow, ice, sand, salt, and dirt won't affect the roof structure like it used to with a reflective waterproof coating.

Debris, dirt, dust and other elements scour the roof surface every day whether it's winter, spring, fall, or summer. All this debris blowing in the wind lands on the roof and scours the shingle materials away.

With roof coatings, the debris won't accumulate as badly and the snow and ice won't have the same effect. The waterproofing coating material will help your roof to shed off rainwater more easily. Plus, you'll have energy savings as well if you choose a reflective product.

Makes The Roof Last

Waterproofing coatings give your roof excellent weathering capability, dirt and chemical resistance, water protection, and premium protection from damages.

Our waterproofing coatings are durable, meaning you'll have fewer roof replacements than normal. In fact, your roof structure could last up to 25 years longer.

There's no reason for you to have a roof that lasts only a decade or two when instead you can have a silicone roof coating applied to extend the life of your roof. There's no better way to leverage your investment in your roof than to have a system of extending the years between replacement or repairs.

Where To Find Waterproofing Coatings In Bend and Eureka

Our Bend roofing contractors at McMurray and Sons, Inc. can renew the roof structure by installing a waterproof reflective coating. We provide professional waterproofing coatings in Bend and Eureka roofs regularly. We have seen how imperative a protective coating can be in our climate as we have repaired and replaced thousands of local roofs since 1919.

This is a much more affordable alternative to roof replacement, so it is worth looking into. Later, we can renew your roof coatings if you've had them applied before. To have the best roof protection, just call our professionals at the number below.

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