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Garberville Roofing Contractor

The team at McMurray And Sons has built a reputation as the premier Garberville roofing company. We are uniquely qualified to handle all types of roofing and sheet metal work for residential properties. Our expertise includes standard shingle roofing, tile roofing, flat roofing, and modern metal roofing. We do brand new installations and full roof replacement. We can also repair your roof and provide comprehensive maintenance in order to get your roof back in excellent condition.

Premier Residential Roofing

Nothing tops off a beautiful home quite like a brand new attractive roof. With all the features and options available today, you can get a roof that perfectly accents your entire home exterior. We work closely with each of our clients from the design phase all the way to delivery of all products and installation and finishing. Whether you have a simple roof design or a complex multi-level model that requires additional planning we can build the perfect roof for your home.

Roof Repair You Can Depend On

What Sets McMurray and Sons apart? Our steadfast commitment to excellence in every aspect of our repair work. Our goal is to fully restore your roof back new condition by utilizing a proven easy step by step process:

  • Inspection - In order to determine how to fix your roof we undergo a thorough inspection. This covers every component of your roof inside and out. Our inspections are accurate and target the areas of your home where weakness or damage is evident.
  • Full Report - Once we've made the inspection, we then give you a complete and accurate report of everything that needs to be done to your home. This may include everything from repairs to a full roof replacement. Remember that we always have your best interested in mind and want to give you solutions that help you save time and money in the long run.
  • All Repairs Completed - Once we establish what needs to be done, we then go to work to quickly repair your roof in an efficient manner.

Leak Repairs

Even the most well-constructed roof can wear down over time. When this happens leaks are almost inevitable. Even the smallest leaks can cause serious damage to any home or business. Small leaks turn into big leaks and can get out of control really quick. If you notice water stains or spots in your attic or ceiling, then it's almost certain there a leak somewhere. We can detect any leak and seal your roof in order to provide ultimate protection for your home and keep any potential damage from happening.

Garberville, CA

If you are looking for expert roofing services, please call 541-385-0695 in Bend, 707-443-3088 in Eureka, 541-469-3300 in Brookings, and 541-779-9334 in Medford or complete our online request form.