Reflective and Waterproofing Coating in Bend and Eureka

Karnak Reflective Coating Bend, Medford, Eureka

At McMurray and Sons, Inc., we know how important your home is to you and your family, and one of the most important things about your home is its energy efficiency. Keeping your home cool during the hottest parts of the year in this part of the country can be difficult, and it can easily break the bank. So our Roofing Contractors offer UV reflective roof coatings to help keep your home as cool as possible, no matter how high the temperatures get outside.

These roof coatings will actively reflect sunlight, where a standard roof will absorb the heat of the sunlight. They’re made of a highly reflective type of paint, and they can be very beneficial to homes.

Our professional Bend roofing contractors can help you decide if this reflective roof coating would be advantageous to your home, and we can handle the entire job from start to finish.

How Does it Work?

In the same way that wearing lighter colored clothing keeps you cooler on a hot day, UV reflective roofs use solar-reflective coatings to maintain lower temperatures in your home. Standard roofs are usually much darker, and they easily reach temperatures of more than 100° in the sunlight. When you have our UV reflective roof coatings installed on your Bend home’s roofing, it could stay more than 50° cooler.

What Are Roof Coatings?

UV reflective roof coatings are either white or special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. These coatings are like a very thick pain, and they’ll protect your roof from ultra-violet light and chemical damage, and they can also offer water protection.

Our roofing coatings are available for many different types of roofing, and we can help you determine whether your Bend home’s roofing could significantly benefit enough from the coating to make the project worthwhile.

Benefits of Reflective Roof Coatings

  • Reduce energy costs by decreasing air conditioning needs
  • Extend the life of your roof by lowering its temperature
  • Improve indoor comfort levels for spaced that are not well air conditioned
  • Aside from just helping your Bend home stay comfortable, your UV reflective roof coating will also be able to help the environment. Here are some of the ways you’ll be contributing to a healthier Earth:
  • Reduce local air temperatures and minimize the effects of the urban heat island effect
  • Lower peak electricity demands, which can help prevent power outages
  • Reduce power plant emissions, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and mercury by reducing the energy used to cool buildings.
  • The more homes and commercial properties that have UV reflective roofing, the better an impact it will have on the environment.

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